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  • We have taken a shot at the absolute best kitchens in and around Lubbock for more than 25 years. 

    Our energy for delivering the best completion to exhibit your kitchen never shows signs of change. Every kitchen is our clear canvas to which we apply our art. 

    Each kitchen begins with the fashioner's vision of the customer's brief.

    Throughout the long term we have worked with a portion of the absolute best kitchen and furniture creator in the business. Our responsibility is to finish the work to the most elevated standards displaying the creator's vision.

Painting the kitchen

With each kitchen we paint we start off by ensuring all the surfaces we don't need paint on. All the internals are veiled up utilizing 38mm concealing tape all worktops and ground surface are concealed and spread with 1000 evaluation or higher coating paper.

This kitchen, similarly as with most very good quality kitchens, was fitted and prepared. The primary phase of the arrangement is to fill all the fitting gaps and any gouges brought about by moving the kitchen to site.

For this we utilize two pack filler and adaptable caulk to seal in any change joint in the kitchen.

A total sand down of the apparent multitude of units utilizing our Festool extraction units, making for all intents and purposes dust free.

Kitchen cupboard painters Lubbock

For the main coat, we utilized Feeling groundwork/undercoat once dry this was daintily sanded down and vacuumed, any residual particles of residue were eliminated utilizing a tack cloth.

We at that point applied another layer of Feelings preliminary/undercoat. Utilizing leadlight to feature and little blemishes we filled these with fine surface filler.
We at that point applied two topcoats of Feeling furniture paint in a silk finish. We delicately sanded among coats and attach worn out off to create an immaculate completion.

With every one of our activities the last stage was to thoroughly clean the entirety of the units.

Some portion of our brief was for the last completion to show brush marks, not the sort that looks like the paint was applied with a brush yet only a light detail.

You might have the option to discover a painter anyplace in Lubbock to paint your kitchen. So for what reason would it be a good idea for you to think about us? We have many years of experience and will assist you with the troublesome choices including paint hues and enriching decisions. Repainting a kitchen can be an overwhelming errand.

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