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Whether you want a minor update or a complete overhaul, remodeling a small kitchen will be less expensive than remodeling a large one. If you are on a tight budget, this is fantastic news. Yet, when the room is limited, making every nook and cranny work for you is critical. And that is something you can take advantage of while you are planning your renovation. Kitchen Remodel Prices Lubbock has a question - how much does a tiny kitchen makeover cost? The typical cost of a modest kitchen makeover is between $9,500 and $14,250, based on an industry estimate of $150 per square foot for both materials and labor. That is assuming a kitchen with a square footage of 60 to 120 square feet.

Cost of a Kitchen Renovation

A 10x10 kitchen redesign will cost between $15,000 and $30,000. Counter space will be limited in a 100-square-foot kitchen. A little additional planning could go a long way toward making your dream little kitchen a reality. Here are some of our favorite small kitchen upgrade ideas that will help you save space while also improving utility.

Moveable island: Even a modest island in the middle of your kitchen can provide much-needed prep space. A mobile island can be pushed against an adjacent wall to provide additional space when not in use.

Shelves: If you don't have enough cabinet space, try cramming a frame or many into your kitchen. A rack may house various items, including dinnerware, spices, and, of course, kitchen decor that will effectively tie your room together.

Smaller appliances: For a sleek aesthetic with a compact profile, invest in a refrigerator. This high-end refrigerator is only 9.2 cubic feet, which is considerably less than conventional refrigerators, which range from 10 to 13 cubic feet. There are also many possibilities if you need a stove and oven that is smaller than traditional to fit inside your kitchen. To prevent taking up too much space, look for one that is 20 inches broad.

According to several restoration pros, a 10x10 kitchen is the industry benchmark for pricing, especially for cabinets. The average small kitchen remodels cost for cabinets is roughly $3,300, based on the premise that a 100-square-foot kitchen will have six cabinets on the wall and five below the countertop, excluding one for the sink or dishwasher.

In finality, Kitchen Remodel Prices Lubbock advises that you can remove walls and cabinetry if you have the space and the finances. Instead of a bar or a tall wall separating the two, you can connect this space with the dining room to create one enormous, unified area. Check building codes to see if you can knock out walls if you live in a condo. Consult a contractor as well, as they may tell if the wall is attached to a supporting beam.

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